Eden Farm Stay
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Farm Animals

Some of the locals We invite all our guests to come with us to feed all the animals in the late afternoons. We have quite a range from the humble chook to the cows and even some alpacas.

We started with goats on the farm just for getting rid of all the weeds and blackberry, for the whole farm was in a pretty bad state. We have a herd of about 15 animals now and they are very tame, children can just go in with them. Around springtime when the kids are born you’re in for a treat when you see the acrobatics of those young ones.

We have a few heritage Saddleback pigs that gives us about two litters a year. Some alpacas, besides them being great guard animals in any herds you run they are mainly as an attraction for our guests. And of course a small herd of cattle, containing Angus and my favorite Scottish Highlanders.

It is a special experience for most people when they can hand feed a cow an apple, we have a small herd of about 6 cows and a Highlander bull, named Thor whom likes a bit of a scratch on his head at feeding time. We have also some geese roaming around the bottom of the orchard and a few free-range friendly turkeys that like to show off their tail feathers.

Besides the animals we grow of course a wide range of apples from Galas, Pink ladies, Golden Delicious, Sundowners just to name a few. We also grow black berries, pears, figs, plums, tomatoes and potatoes in small amounts. We encourage our guest to help themselves to some fresh produce in season and will expand on this by a large green house in the future.

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